AI-Native Cybersecurity Solutions for Any Situation

Providing A Predictive Advantage Over Modern Threats

BlackBerry Cylance keeps your organization ahead of threat actors with AI-driven security tools that provide best-in-class detection, prevention, and response capabilities. Our certified specialists are available to augment your security staff or install Cylance that is tailored to your exact needs.

Why Artificial Intelligence?

Extract Insights Faster, With Precision.

Enterprise systems are constantly being updated, modified, and extended to serve new users and new business functions. In such a fluid environment, it’s imperative to have AI-powered “agents” that cut through the noise and point out anomalies or indicators that provide value. Learn more about the path forward utilizing such a powerful, prevention-based, zero-trust approach.

Leave No Gaps in Your Security Approach


CylanceGUARD is a 24x7 managed detection and response offering that provides actionable intelligence for customers, preventing threats, while minimizing alert fatigue without requiring additional resources.


CylancePROTECT redefines the capabilities and efficiency of endpoint security. By leveraging artificial intelligence, malware can be detected and prevented in real time – before it even executes.


CylanceOPTICS is AI-driven endpoint detection and response. It provides the endpoint visibility necessary for exacting functions including root cause analysis, threat hunting, and incident response.

CyberConsultancy is the first and only Cylance partner and reseller in Bulgaria. Our experts hold the Cylance Security Professional certificate and will work with you to achieve your unique security goals.

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