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Increase your ROI by making most of your current security solutions
Improve your productivity by allowing you to focus on key business areas
Increase your operational efficieny by assuring your technologies are properly configured and optimized
Lower the risk of interruptions due to misconfiguration of rules and policy settings.
Custom tailered solutions that will suit your security requirements and business needs
Our security experts can assist you in English, German, French, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Bulgarian

What we do

Nowadays companies are facing many challenges. Not only they need to focus on their business goals but they have to invest money and time in protecting their data and business. Often the companies are not able to take full advantage of their security solutions. This typically ends up in purchasing additional software and hardware or misconfigured policies and settings which leave the companies exposed to threats. CyberConsultancy provides a range of managed, professional and support services designed to help you achieve your security objectives and get the most out of your technology while optimizing the values and reducing the risk.

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Professional Services

Let our certified security consultants work with you and plan, desing, implement and optimize your security solutions using industry best practices and methodology. All of this in multiple languages.

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Managed Services

From design and implementation to management and support, our certified security engineers will help you build solutions to fit your needs, goals, and security culture. Our McAfee experience ensures a successful and seamless implementation.

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IT staffing

We have decades of experience in the IT field, establishing good relationships with companies and professionals. We can connect you with your new IT security expert.

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Risk Assessment

A cyber security risk assessment can determine what security risks are posed to your company's critical assets and the level of effort that should be used in their protection.

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We partner with the best to provide our clients with the most effective security solutions.

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